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Jean Givens
Jean Givens
United States, Lexington
14 Nov 2018
I have used Revolution in the past and been happy with it. I decided to foster two cats for a few months, and switched to an inex ... more

Preventic Tick Collar

Preventic collar prevents ticks.

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Product Description
A product for dogs only, the Preventic Tick Collar provides all over protection and the latest in tick preventing pesticide technology for your favorite fleabag. This collar is highly toxic to ticks, but completely safe for dogs. The Preventic Tick Collar’s amazing benefits include:
  • Begins killing and preventing ticks within 24 hours
  • Safe for puppies over 12 weeks of age
  • Continues working solidly for 2 months
  • Helps protect your dog from dangerous conditions like Lyme disease
Start fending off the bloodsuckers for your favorite family pet today. You should not let your children play with the collar as it is hazardous to their sensitive little systems.

Questions & Answers (11)
Your answer in question 1 is that this collar is only for tics but your answer to question 10 is that its for tics and fleas as well. Can you elaborate on the correct answer or will this question be hidden for other customers
It prevents from ticks only. If you need a collar for both we recommend Seresto.
So this product covers fleas as well?? I don't want to add a flea treatment if it does. Package only says for fleas. So do I use this with a flea treatment?
This product only covers tick.
is this collar water resistant or should i remove it before my dog is getting into water?
It is completely water resistant. You can leave it on your dog all the time.
Does this collar protec against paralysis tick as well?
Yes it does.
Hi, I have a large dog and need preventic collar of 25". Packaging and description of your two options don't mention size only that it fits all dogs. Can you tell me the length of the collar please?
We have only carry the large size as you can adjust the smaller dogs.
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Joan S.
I have been a VetTech for 25 years and this is the ONLY product that KILLS ticks. I have small, old dogs.
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