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Cats can pick up all sorts of unwanted passengers when they’re off on their travels, Stronghold can stop these passengers from hanging around. Stronghold is a flea treatment that will kill adult fleas, larvae and eggs, not just on your cat but the areas they come into contact with a lot. Even though Stronghold will be effective against fleas in your cat’s environment you should still boil wash their bedding and any soft furnishing covers, this will stop fleas from becoming a problem again.
Stronghold is great as a treatment, but to really see how great it is you should put it on your cat every month and never experience your cat having fleas. If you think fleas are annoying to have in your house think how your cat feels being bitten constantly. The clear signs that your cat has got fleas are excessive cleaning and scratching.
Stronghold recommends to start putting it on your cat a month before the warmer months start, summer is when fleas become their most active. That being said vets wouldn’t object to you vaccinating against fleas every month of the year, this is because fleas can still be a problem in winter.

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