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Vered Altmann
Vered Altmann
Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo
19 Aug 2018
I am very satisfied. The product arrived fairly quick, and exactly what I expected.
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Milbemax is a safe way to protect your dog and family against worms. Your dog will love to investigate things they probably shouldn’t, Milbemax will make sure your dog doesn’t pick up anything harmful that we can’t see. Worm parasites only become visible when your dog starts acting peculiar, such as vomiting, having diarrhoea, not eating and various other symptoms. Milbemax every three months can ensure that your dog doesn’t pick these up and that they stay healthy and happy. Another added bonus is that Milbemax will protect your dog against heartworm for a month as well, so the month you use Milbemax you won’t have to administer the regular heartworm tablet.
Milbemax tablets are sold in various packets and you will have to know your dog’s weight to vaccinate them correctly. Milbemax when administered correctly will protect your dog against hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm and other gastrointestinal worms, for up to 3 months, and heartworm for one month. It isn’t recommended that Milbemax be used as a monthly vaccine against heartworm as it is made up of more than one ingredient and the extra ingredients aren’t needed every month.

Milbemax for Dogs

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