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Jean Givens
Jean Givens
United States, Lexington
14 Nov 2018
I have used Revolution in the past and been happy with it. I decided to foster two cats for a few months, and switched to an inex ... more
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Dogs are your best friend from the day you bring them home until the day they sadly leave. For a pet that devotes its life to you, you should be doing your very best for them. Once easy way to do something great for your dog is to buy and apply Advantage Flea vaccine to your dog once a month. Advantage is a product so safe for your dog that it’s even suitable for a puppy, once they reach 3 pounds in weight.
A massive bonus for you and your dog is that the fleas don’t have to even bite your dog to be effected by Advantage. Advantage will kill fleas, larvae and eggs on contact, which means that if any are hiding in your dog’s bed they’ll be affected as well. Advantage is so quick working that fleas will stop biting your dog within 3 to 5 minutes and will be dead within 20 minutes. Prevention is best when it comes to stopping fleas, so you should apply Advantage every month so that your dog doesn’t have to go through the stress of having fleas again. Advantage is simply just applied to a spot on the back of your dog’s neck and that’s them vaccinated. 

Advantage for Dogs

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