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Wanda Eskew
Wanda Eskew
United States, Birmingham
19 Oct 2018
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People may think a Whippet is a miniature Grey Hound but this is a wrong assumption. The Whippet is a breed on their own. Whippets were, once upon a time, poachers best friend. Their speed and agility meant they were able to chase and catch rabbits with ease. Nowadays they do very well in agility, flyball, lure coursing and other dog sports that need speed. Even though Whippets do amazingly in dog sports they will also thrive within a home and they are very loving. Whippets have short haired coats and can suffer from chills, get them a jumper for those walks in the colder months. For in the warmer months apply Stronghold. In warm months of the year your Whippet is more likely to pick up fleas and Stronghold can prevent them. Along with fleas Stronghold will prevent mange and roundworm.

Stronghold for Whippet

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