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Lily Doron Top
Lily Doron Top
Israel, Netanya
20 Oct 2018
I'm very satisfied. Thank you.
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The Shih Tzu is a companion, lapdog and overall a lovingly sweet dog. They are lovers, not fighters and will follow you from room to room just to give you loves and cuddles. Their devotion in recent years has made it possible to put them into obedience competitions and even agility events. If you plan to keep your Shih Tzu's fur longer you should be prepared to brush it daily to ensure matting doesn't happen. If you want to show your Shih Tzu then longer fur is a must, but as a family companion shorter fur can be easier and just as cute. Keep their fur longer or shorter healthy by applying Stronghold to prevent fleas. Stronghold is a spot on, monthly application that can prevent fleas from setting up home on your Shih Tzu. Stronghold can also kill every trace of fleas as well.

Stronghold for Shih Tzu

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