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Melissa Holden
Melissa Holden
United States, Corpus Christi
24 Jun 2018
I always receive my products in a timely matter. The automatic shipment is a no brainer. Thank you for your excellent service!
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An Irish Wolfhound will not be suitable for a small home, they grow to be very large dogs. Their size means they used to be used and bred as war dogs and they would drag soldiers off horses. Nowadays they are known to be great competitors in different roles and great family companions. An Irish Wolfhound will love life in a home with a big back garden and a decent walk every day. Unfortunately Irish Wolfhounds don't live very long lives and only have an average lifespan of 6 to 8 years. To make those years the best you should keep them healthy with regular vaccinations. Flea vaccinations like Stronghold can make your Irish Wolfhound's life and yours, a lot less stressful. Stronghold treats and prevents fleas. If you need Stronghold to treat against fleas, it will kill all adult fleas as well as the eggs and larvae.

Stronghold for Irish Wolfhound

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