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Jennifer Jahn
Jennifer Jahn
United States, Clearwater
17 Aug 2018
I love Petbucket! Great prices!
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If you work a lot of hours and your house is left empty most of the day but you still want a dog then a Havanese isn't for you. A Havanese will be great as a companion dog, so good in fact they may get separation anxiety if left alone too much. If people don't enter their Havanese into shows, they generally they keep their coats clipped. Long fur does take a lot of time, energy and, if you don't groom your dog yourself, money, but long fur can help keep your dog cooler in warmer climates. Whether they have long or short fur, your Havanese will still be susceptible to picking up fleas unless you use a product like Stronghold. The great thing about Stronghold is that it can treat fleas as well as prevent them. Stronghold is easily applied to the back of your dog's neck once a month.

Stronghold for Havanese

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