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Rebecca Pickral
Rebecca Pickral
United States, Gloucester
25 Jun 2018
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The Doberman Pinscher was bred as a guard dog and because of this background, they can sometimes not be suitable for first time dog owners. A Doberman Pinscher will love and protect you with their lives, so in return you should give them what they need. Dobermans need exercise, physically and mentally, daily. They will love to be trained by you and you can carry on training them when they are fully grown. As Doberman Pinscher's have dark coats it can be difficult to just see if they have picked up any unwanted passengers, like ticks or fleas. To help put your mind at rest about fleas, you can use Stronghold on your Doberman before and during flea season. Stronghold is suitable for all different types of dogs and is easily applied. Stronghold is a 'spot on' product and should be applied once a month.

Stronghold for Doberman Pinscher

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