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Rick Mayatt
Rick Mayatt
Meridian, MS
22 Sep 2018
I have ordered from Petbucket for several years now with absolutely no issues. Very good supplier. Highly recommend.
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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is one of the original companion dogs, however they do still have the energy levels of their Spaniel relatives. They are very loving and caring for their owner which makes them great as therapy dogs. Their personality mixed with their intelligence means they can suit various roles in families. Even though they are adaptable, they're not a breed that can be left for long periods of time. Stronghold can help stop your King Charles Cavalier Spaniel from bringing fleas into your house, or if they have picked fleas up, Stronghold can kill them. Stronghold is a 'spot on' application that can prevent fleas as well as killing all of the eggs and larvae. Fleas can damage your dog's health and cause loss of fur, so prevention is a necessity.

Stronghold for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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