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Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia
Puerto Rico, Camuy
25 Jun 2018
Hi I get the order. The services is excellent. Always we want to get the products faster but you doing a great job.
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Cairn Terriers are great little working dogs, they originated on the Isle of Skye and they were worked as ratting dogs, to help the farmers with vermin problems. With this type of background, the Cairn Terrier is far from a 'pampered pooch', they have a lot of intelligence as well as energy. They have adapted well to being family companions and can be trained well. Training is easy if you stick to your regime and never break, you should always be boss. Having a Cairn Terrier means you have a dog that likes to hunt animals that carry nasty parasites, so you have to protect them. Stronghold is a topical application and will prevent your Cairn Terrier from picking up fleas, as well as roundworm. Stronghold is absorbed by your dog's skin and body, this is why it can prevent the intestinal parasite roundworm.

Stronghold for Cairn Terrier

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