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Dottie Snickles
Dottie Snickles
United States, Auburn
22 Oct 2018
Totally satisfied! The price can't be beaten and the service was prompt. I'm on social security so the price is a great factor. ... more
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The Bulldog has come a very long way from the days of Bull Baiting. They were specifically bred to bait bulls and kill them; it was thought that this made the meat taste nicer. This belief meant there was certain towns that had by-laws that stated bulls should be baited before they were slaughtered. Bulldogs nowadays are just loving, slightly lazy, family companions. Monitor how much you feed your Bulldog as they can become overweight easily, as they will eat everything you give them and not walk enough to burn it off. Get your Bulldog prepared for the warmer months with Stronghold. In the warmer months fleas start to come out and Stronghold can prevent them from infesting your dog. If your Bulldog gets infested by fleas then your home will be as well. Apply Stronghold before the warmer months and every month during.

Stronghold for Bulldog

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