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Norman Taylor
Norman Taylor
United States, Rowlett
24 Sep 2018
I have been a customer of Petbucket for the last 5 years - I have been very pleased with the product - the pricing - and the servi ... more
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If you are looking for a smaller dog, but don't want a lapdog then a Brussels Griffon could be perfect for you. They have an abundance of intelligence and energy but they will also be affectionate with their humans. They were once street dogs, then they were trained to be ratting dogs and now they are found to be energetic family companions. You may think because of their background the Brussels Griffon would be a sturdy dog, who likes rough play however they are quite sensitive and can bite if they feel threatened and scared. Fear biting can become a problem especially with small children. To stop fleas from coming into that home you should treat your Brussels Griffon with Stronghold. The Stronghold solution will prevent fleas as well as mange. To prepare your dog for flea season, apply Stronghold the month before.

Stronghold for Brussels Griffon

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