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avichai baruch
avichai baruch
19 Oct 2018
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Bloodhounds were originally bred to follow the scents of deer and boar in France. Their intelligence, energy and of course their nose has now seen them take on roles with the police and with search and rescue crews. You could have a Bloodhound as a family dog, but they would have to have a lot of mental and physical stimulation. They suit working roles much better than companion roles. Bloodhounds are large dogs so when shopping for your flea treatments for them, ensure you pick up the right packet for large dogs. Stronghold comes in various packets for different sized dogs including your large Bloodhound. To make Stronghold the most effective, apply it to your Bloodhound before flea season and keep it up every month afterwards. Marking on a calendar when you have applied Stronghold to ensure you don't miss applying the next dose.

Stronghold for Bloodhound

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