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Rebecca Pickral
Rebecca Pickral
United States, Gloucester
25 Jun 2018
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Usually not exceeding the weight of 7 pounds, the Yorkshire Terrier isn't going to be pushing your around very much. They are small dogs but don't mistake them for a lapdog, these terriers are just as good at rat catching as their cousins and will love to prove it. You should be careful with turning your Yorkie into a pampered pooch because if they feel they're in charge they can develop an aggressive side towards newcomers, which nobody wants. Socializing any dog is a part of a dog owners life, along with walks, grooming and vaccines. Vaccines can be costly procedures which is great when a company like Seresto bring out a long lasting solution. Seresto have come out with a flea and tick collar that will protect your Yorkshire Terrier for up to 8 months. The other great thing about the Seresto collars is that they suit all dogs and are safe to use on puppies that are 8 weeks and older.

Seresto for Yorkshire Terrier

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