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Cloma Posey
Cloma Posey
21 Jul 2018
Yes , I received my order. I'm glad I have found your web sight, ordering from you has saved me money and the service was great, ... more
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The Samoyed dog is instantly recognizable from their all white, fluffy coats and their brilliant happy smile. Samoyeds are known to be one of the oldest dog breeds around, but even though they've been around for centuries their name still gets mispronounced it is pronounced SAMMY-ED not SA-MOY-ED. With all names that are difficult though we've got our nicknames for this brilliantly vibrant dog and simply you can call them a Sammy or a more befitting name is Smiley. Samoyeds are active dogs and will love to be worked out, so make sure you have the time and energy to keep up with them. Another great way to be a great owner to your Samoyed is to buy them a Seresto collar; the collar prevents fleas and ticks. Flea and tick preventions can be costly but Seresto last for 8 months meaning that you'll save money by investing in one.

Seresto for Samoyed

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