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Wanda Eskew
Wanda Eskew
United States, Birmingham
19 Oct 2018
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The Portuguese Water Dog is a rare dog to come across, and it was recorded that there were less than 1000 left worldwide. I assume that popularity for the breed may have gone up in America over the last 8 years, as Barrack Obama adopted a Portuguese Water Dog when he became president. Their rarity means that Portuguese Water Dog puppies sell for a very high amount and if you aren't paying over $2000 for a puppy then you should do more research on the breeder and the puppies. Keeping your Portuguese in tip top health will mean lots of daily exercise, correct diet and vaccinations. One vaccination process has been made very simple by Seresto. Seresto have invented a collar that prevents fleas and ticks for up to 8 months. Applications and tablets can be very awkward but a Seresto collar is just worn by your Portuguese Water Dog and they're protected.

Seresto for Portuguese Water Dog

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