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Rick Mayatt
Rick Mayatt
Meridian, MS
22 Sep 2018
I have ordered from Petbucket for several years now with absolutely no issues. Very good supplier. Highly recommend.
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The Pomeranian is a little dog with big ambitions; they will always follow through with their ambitions as well. Their ambitions have led them to being excellent at competing in agility and obedience competitions. Don't worry if you don't want to go down the route of dog competitions because the Pomeranian is also an excellent companion dog. Be careful when you have a dog as intelligent as a Pomeranian as a companion though as people tend to spoil them, and intelligent dogs see this as them being alpha. A dog that thinks they're alpha means that they could become aggressive towards guests or new people. Giving your Pomeranian the best isn't spoiling them though so get them a Seresto collar as it is one of the longest lasting flea and tick prevention methods. Seresto collars last up to 8 months and Seresto boasts that it is one of the safest methods on the market.

Seresto for Pomeranian

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