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maxim weinstein
maxim weinstein
26 Sep 2018
Hello, I received my order already. This is my second time and i am very happy that i found your site. Thanks
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Because they have a longer coat, you may think that a Maltese dog would leave your house covered in white fur, but you're wrong. Maltese dogs don't have undercoats; therefore they don't shed much at all, because of this trait many say that the Maltese coat is hypoallergenic. Maltese dogs will love to be taught new tricks and can excel at most things they put their minds to, be careful with over excitable children as your Maltese may snap at them in defense. If your children are older and calmer then a Maltese would be a perfect addition to your family. Fleas and ticks are not a perfect addition to a family though and to prevent them you should buy a Seresto collar. A Seresto collar takes the hassle out of vaccinating for fleas and ticks, and makes sure your Maltese doesn't get fleas and ticks for up to 8 months.

Seresto for Maltese

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