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Israel, POB 539
19 Oct 2018
The shipment was quick and the service was perfect. Thank you
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The English Foxhound is an awesome dog to have around. They were bred for hunting foxes, hence the name, and can still be found doing this in places where fox hunting is still legal. Quite regularly you will find them in the competing in the conformation ring, or in fox trials which is where they're judge on their pack hunting skills. They wouldn't be suited to living in an apartment as they need space to stretch their legs, even if you do take them on miles of walks a day. To go alongside their main collar you should buy them a Seresto flea and tick collar as well. The Seresto collar will go unnoticed by your dog but fleas and ticks will notice and won't come near. Seresto collars last 8 months and are one of the safest prevention methods on the flea and tick prevention market.

Seresto for English Foxhound

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