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Christine Stewart
Christine Stewart
Ontario, Canada
18 Sep 2018
Great products, amazing customer service! I recommend to all my friends/family.
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Dachshunds are little fiery dogs that will keep you on your toes. Originally bred to hunt badgers in Germany they need to be trained well and socialized early. If you don't socialize your Dachshund early and you spoil them they can become aggressive towards other people. If you're interested in having a dog to compete in shows then a Dachshund would be perfect, they love to be trained and will compete brilliantly for you. Likewise they are still great scent hounds and could easily be trained to hunt small game. This little, versatile dog would bring a lot of happiness to anyone who cared for them. One way to show you care is by getting them a flea and tick collar, and Seresto make one that is safe and long lasting. Seresto collars are designed to fit all sized dogs, even your small Dachshund and will last 8 months.

Seresto for Dachshunds

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