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Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia
Puerto Rico, Camuy
25 Jun 2018
Hi I get the order. The services is excellent. Always we want to get the products faster but you doing a great job.
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Hardworking, intelligent, loving and active are just some of the words to describe a Collie. They're mostly known for their roles as sheep dogs and that should give you an idea of how much work these dogs are bred to do. As an owner you should consider what you can offer for this energetic breed, they will need training and lots of exercise to keep them happy. A bored dog will be an unhappy dog and a Collie will more than happily show you in not so subtle ways that they're bored. If you can offer them the active lifestyle they need and want, they will thrive within your family. One simple way of looking after your Collie's health would be to buy them a Seresto flea and tick collar. The Seresto collar works for up to 8 months preventing fleas and ticks, which is great for those warmer months when these parasites are more active.

Seresto for Collie

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