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Efrat Ma'ayan Cheifetz
Israel, רמת השרון
20 Sep 2018
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There's a reason why Bloodhounds are perfect for working within the police force and that's their noses and stamina. Another skill which determined their career path was their skill to track in silence. You may think they are being stubborn and not listening to you (the latter part is probably true), but once they catch a scent they like that's it, one track mind. Bloodhounds track in silence because they used to hunt large game and quite obviously if they made a lot of noise the prey would know they were coming. As these instincts haven't diminished much you should make sure they don't pick up fleas and ticks from any wild animals they encounter. A Seresto flea and tick collar can protect your Bloodhound for up to 8 months. Most topical flea and tick applications only last 4 weeks so Seresto will save you pennies, and it's so safe you can put the collars on puppies.

Seresto for Bloodhound

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