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Lily Doron Top
Lily Doron Top
Israel, Netanya
20 Oct 2018
I'm very satisfied. Thank you.
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The Saint Bernard breed originated in the Swiss Mountainous region of Saint Bernard, hence the name. They would guard the grounds of the hospice in the region as well as help with search and rescue teams. With the build they are they compete well in drafting and weight pulling competitions, along with other dog competitions in obedience. Even though they don't mind being indoors and are quite happy to lie around, an apartment wouldn't necessarily be suitable as they need a lot of space, just because of their size. Drooling and shedding will be a part of your life, to minimize shedding inside your home, brushing your Saint Bernard regularly outside will help. To keep that coat in good condition, preventing fleas with Advocate, is a good method as well. Advocate won't only prevent your Saint Bernard from getting fleas; it will kill any fleas as well. Along with fleas Advocate also prevents heartworm and various other parasites.

Advocate for Saint Bernard

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