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Joey Pushinsky Sr
Joey Pushinsky Sr
United States, Monaca
24 Oct 2018
We recieved our order in a timely manner as ordered. We will be ordering more from them.
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If you're looking for a drool free life then a Mastiff won't be the dog for you. They love to drool and they also shed quite a bit, but for these minor downfalls they make it up to you in love and affection. If you can accommodate a Mastiff then they will become your protector and best friend. Mastiffs in history were war dogs however nowadays they are big softies and love to be loved. You should be prepared to entertain your Mastiff as well as exercise them daily, an unhappy and bored Mastiff may take out their frustration on your house and nobody wants that. Another way to look after your Mastiff is by applying Advocate on them once a month. Advocate is a vaccine that will treat as well as prevent fleas and along with fleas it prevents heartworm. These two parasites can be awful to your Mastiff's health so prevention is vital.

Advocate for Mastiff

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