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Noam Orenstein
Noam Orenstein
23 Sep 2018
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A Bichon Frise will bring a lot of joy and laughter into your home. They have one of the happiest temperaments and will love being loved. The one downside of a dog loving their owner so much can be they can suffer from separation anxiety if left for long periods of time, so be sure you have the time for one. They are great family pets and in general will get along well with other animals well. Even though they suit apartment living they do require daily exercise and a lot of play, who wouldn't want that when owning a dog? To ensure your Bichon Frise stays healthy and happy, Advocate can be a cost effective way to prevent fleas and heartworm, along with a few other parasites. For Advocate to work to its full potential you have to apply it once a month.

Advocate for Bichon Frise

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