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January 2015

Being Petted Stresses Cats Out

 by alexandra on 30 Jan 2015 |
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Lovingly stroking and petting your cat should be a comforting and welcoming act, but now pet owners have been warned that cuddling their feline can cause them further stress and anxiety. New research and studies have revealed that over half the popul...

Give Your Pets A Happier And Healthier 2015

 by alexandra on 29 Jan 2015 |
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We're already at the end of the first month of 2015. Have you been maintaining your new year's resolutions or have you already returned to your old habits? In any case, maybe it's time to turn the attention away from yourself and onto your pets inste...

Dogs Don't Like Hugs

 by jaime on 28 Jan 2015 |
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It's an early learned behaviour of children to give hugs to parents, siblings, friends and even their favourite toys as a way to show love and affection. As such, we equally search for ways to show our four-legged friends how much we love them, but s...

How To Handle An Attention Seeking Dog

 by alexandra on 13 Jan 2015 |
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Many dogs learn to get our undivided attention through stereotypical behaviours such as excessive barking, jumping up and pawing, biting the lead, stealing items, tail-chasing, and even aggression. Inappropriate attention-seeking behaviour is a commo...

Is Your Cat Waking You Up In The Middle Of The Night?

 by alexandra on 12 Jan 2015 |
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If it has been weeks since you last got a good night’s sleep because of your feline friends, it may be time to investigate why they keep waking you up in the middle of the night. Some reasons include illness, boredom, habit, the need for gratificatio...

Cooling Jackets: Why Your Dog Needs One

 by alexandra on 09 Jan 2015 |
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Dog owners should be vigilant over hot weather and its effects on their pets. As dogs can’t release heat by sweating the way humans do, high heat and humidity can raise canine body temperatures to dangerous levels leading to health complications. Hea...

How To Introduce A Cat To A New Home

 by alexandra on 08 Jan 2015 |
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Cats are territorial animals who can find moving house a very stressful experience more so than their owners. To help, there are a few measures cat owners can take to reduce stress and ensure a smooth transition between homes as well as promoting pos...

Tips For Traveling With Pets During The Holidays

 by alexandra on 07 Jan 2015 |
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Once considered eccentric and strange, traveling with pets during the holidays has now become increasingly popular. That being said, transporting family, let alone those of the animal variety can be stressful so here is a few tips we have picked up a...
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