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October 2012

My Heart Will Go On…Because of Merial’s Heartgard Products!

 by zack on 29 Oct 2012 |
1 Comment(s)
True to its name, Heartgard truly does offer an incredible degree of protection to your pet’s most vital of vitals. This powerful medication for dogs or cats will knock an invasion of fresh-faced parasites into oblivion. The vanguard product from pa...

Teach Your Dog Some Contextual Heeling

 by zack on 28 Oct 2012 |
1 Comment(s)
So your dog knows some tricks, eh? Feeling pretty smug? Alright smart guy, why don’t we work towards something a little ...

How to train your dog: Leash Training for puppies

 by zack on 26 Oct 2012 |
2 Comment(s)
Congratulations on your new puppy! You’re in luck, because learning how to train your dog from scratch is much easier th...

Product Showcase: Drontal

 by zack on 25 Oct 2012 |
No Comment
Everyone knows how difficult it is to keep your favorite pet worm free. Those pesky parasites seem to pop up wherever and whenever they’re least expected; and repeated vet visits can be a tiring and costly chore. Thankfully, many powerful worming me...

Dangerous Dogs: Beating a Bad Rap

 by zack on 22 Oct 2012 |
No Comment
Anyone that’s ever rented an apartment knows about the pet clause. There are breeds that many leasing offices won’t tole...

Sacred Felines: History of the Cat Part 2

 by zack on 20 Oct 2012 |
No Comment
As you learned yesterday, cat history is a multifaceted and complicated subject. As far as science is concerned, the ear...

Sacred Felines: The History of the Cat Part 1

 by zack on 19 Oct 2012 |
No Comment
Everyone knows that cats are great companions: aloof and precocious, as well as excellent hunters. However, not many people have as much knowledge on exactly how the common house cat achieved its position of influence and allure. The funny thing is t...

Dog Nutrition Puts You in an Awkward Position

 by zack on 16 Oct 2012 |
No Comment
Here’s a common scenario: you’re at the supermarket in the dog food aisle. You’re looking at a bunch of different bright...

Read Before Offering Scraps to Your Dog! Some Surprisingly Poisonous Dog Treats.

 by zack on 14 Oct 2012 |
No Comment
Just about everyone is aware of how dangerous it is to feed a dog chocolate, but as it turns out there’s a plethora of d...

Pet Chemistry: All About Oxytocin

 by zack on 13 Oct 2012 |
No Comment
Have you ever felt like your dog was more than just your faithful family companion? Did you ever get the feeling that the house hound was more like a kid than a big dumb drooling animal? Relax. You aren’t a crazy pet person. Well, maybe you are, but...
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